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About Le Curry

Chef/ Owner

Meet our chef

Jose Kochuveetil, a Master in French and Indian culinary. Le Curry being one of his dreams coming into fruition. His dedication and natural talent has led him to train with some of the master Chefs from France.

He has worked with an uncompromising devotion to his culinary craft, training in some of the most celebrated kitchens in the world. In 1979, he began his training in The Taj Hotel Group, Mumbai. Jose traveled to Middle East and continued his training at gulf hotel Bahrain and later joined in Novotel, Saudi Arabia.

In 1987, Jose became an Executive chef of Novotel. He also served as a head of chef in few restaurants in United States, United Kingdom and India.He was a co-owner and managed Saffron Restaurant Middletown from 2010 to 2018.

Le Curry is Jose’s take on Indian and French cuisine in his own creative way. It is a small family operated fusion between South Indian(Kerala) and French cuisines.